Lottery Superstitions

July 5, 2018 Mildred Rogers 0 Comments

Most people are dead sure that winning in a lottery, especially a lottery with such a large prize fund and a huge number of participants as the famous Euromillions lottery is something next to impossible. But people win and will keep winning two times every week on Tuesdays and Fridays unless the first drawing doesn’t yield a lucky new millionaire and the jack pot is rolled over onto the next round.

Even not quite believing in a real chance to win, people continue their small investments into a possible miracle (from 2 to 3 Euros for a Euromillions lottery ticket in retail). And where a human enters the realms of faith, miracles and hopes then some interesting and sometimes disturbing rituals are bound to appear. Here is a small collection of the most popular superstitions connected with lotteries.

The day of the months and week when you buy your lottery ticket do matter! If you want to secure your victory then you need to buy the ticket on the date which corresponds to the day of your birth. If you get to choose from the weekdays then bear in mind that Monday and Tuesday are thought to be lucky days before noon and Saturday and Sunday afternoons are the second best time to get you some Euromillions tickets.

According to the lucky winners, you should avoid the the red and yellow colors in your clothes on the day when you make the fateful lottery investment. It is better to dress up in darker shades. Stripes, plaid fabric, polka dots and bright floral prints are considered such that “scare” away the lottery luck. You must at all costs avoid wearing new clothes and your jewelery accessories can consist of some silver pieces at max  – avoid gold like plague! A pin pinned to the insides of your collar upside-down is considered to be a good “jinx-repellent” increasing your luck.  Do not laugh, but a dried four-leaf clover in your wallet or a large silver-colored coin in your right shoe can do no harm either.

You should be especially attuned to the world around you when you are planning to win something as grand as a Euromillions jack pot. You need to memorize all the bizarre things and signs that appear around you. For instance it can be a license plate of a car that caught your attention for no obvious reason, the time on a digital clock that you notice on your way to work or the numbers in your bust ticket. It is worth mentioning that when the Thailand authorities got tired of spending an ample amount of money on cleaning up the streets littered with used public transport tickets then organized a national lottery where those transport tickets acted as the lottery tickets as well – and of course in almost no time not a piece of paper could be seen in the streets.

Pay attention to the details, dress up as you feel you need to, but do not lose your head and most importantly do not forget to buy the lottery ticket proper when performing all the above mentioned rituals.