Notas del parche de actualización de Bodycam del 27 de junio

ACTUALIZADO 28 de junio

New mp5 gun, Laser on guns, Bug fixes...

Actualización de Bodycam V0.1.2.5


  • Can't see rank/Don't have rank: new players had a problem displaying their rank.
  • V-Sync save: the V-Sync parameter is now saved through game sessions.
  • Guns volume save: the sound of weapons is now correctly adjusted and saved.
  • Kick: you can't spam a vote kick anymore.
  • Hospital Map: collision and visual errors were fixed.
  • Music volume bug: one song wasn't properly managed by the volume settings.
  • Lean bug: you can't see through walls anymore.



  • New gun - MP5: the MP5 is a submachine gun with a 30-round capacity, less powerful than the UMP45 but with a faster fire rate. It is effective in close-quarter combats.
  • Guns lasers: we have activated a laser on the weapons (default key : L) in addition to the flashlight which can help you to target enemies without needing to aim. Be careful, the laser is visible to everyone. Depending on your feedback we will modify the use of the laser, for example if you prefer it to not be on your weapon every round.
  • Laser key remap: with the addition of the laser, you can change the key (default key is L).
  • Equip/take key: it's now possible to remap the key to take an item/bomb (default key is E).
  • In-game friend list for the host: the host of the game can now invite his friends during the game. To do so, press escape and the list of your friends will appear on the left.
  • Death POV: if all member of your team are dead you will see the other team's POV.


.-- .... --- .. ... .... . .-. . ..--..

New map, Performance optimisation, Kick system, Bug fixes...


  • Foliage Settings: Disabled the ability to hide foliage in low mode.
  • Quickplay: The quickplay option won't send players to the training range map anymore.
  • Rank Reset: Fixed rank reset bug.
  • Performance Improvement: Might not work for everyone, but for the majority of players. It depends on your PC specs. Make sure to set your Direct X version to 12 if you previously downgraded to 11 so the changes can apply.


  • Grain Correction: Settings > Graphic Settings > Grain > You can now turn off the grain if you are experiencing bugs with it.
  • White Line Artifact Correction: Remove some white artifacting happening on some people's devices.
  • Server List: Addition of a new section with games that have just started and that we recommend joining.
  • Bomb Theft Bug: Fixed the bug where stealing the bomb from an ally's hand would create issues.


  • New Map: Abandoned Hospital! An abandoned hospital with a long corridor empty of life. Be careful, you may not be alone. (Please note: You may experience FPS drops upon startup as the game loads for the first time.)
  • Map Fix: Correction of shadows on Tumblewood.


  • Reported cheaters have been banned, if you encounter any other ones in your games, make sure to report them in #🔒┆cheater-report (with proof and a Steam profile, otherwise we can't do anything about it).
  • Leaderboards have been cleaned, people abusing points have been removed.


  • Steam Profile View: You are now able to check every player's Steam account during a game. Just press escape, go to the "Lobby" menu and you'll have a "profile" button.
  • Kick system: We re-implemented a new version of the kick system, a 10 seconds vote will now be started to gather the player's choice on whether to kick a player or not. To start a vote, press escape, go to the "Lobby" menu and you'll have a "kick" button.
If kicked, that player will __not__ be able to rejoin the server before the current ongoing game is finished.

compilation of the 3 patch notes posted during the release to improve the game thanks to your feedback !

PARCHE 06/12/2024

  • Deathmatch Spawn time reduced
  • TumbleWood :The map has been reduced by 50% to increase performance. We have also added some small points of interest from the airsoft map.


  • Grain correction: Settings > Graphic Settings > Grain > You can now turn off the grain for some of you having bug with it
  • Server list : addition of a new section with the games which have just started and which we advise you to join

PARCHE 06/10/2024

  • Spawn in deathmatch has been modified to avoid spawn kills as much as possible.
  • Quickplay will not join Training Range lobbies Anymore.
  • Private Server bugs are fixed sometimes players managed to join private lobbies
  • Lobby Accessibility is now saved and can be change ingame : Pause > Lobby > Settings > Lobby Access > Public or Friends Only
  • Possibility of buying item without having the amout of R. : We saw you take advantage of it but we're not going to say anything this time🫣 ...µ
  • Same ingame name for teammates


  • NEW GUN : FN FAL mix between a sniper and an AR with a lot of damage but a slower rate
  • Game Build - Now you can only join people who have the same game update as you. This avoids certain connection problems : Game build are showcase in the server list, if you have a lower version than other players you need to update the game to join them !
  • Rpoints used for obtain skins are now drop at every kills : To prevent lost from leaving and gaining nothing
  • Sharpness Option > if you find that the game is too blurry: settings > graphics > scroll until you see Sharpness
  • Host player information : More UI information in menus to help new players!
  • 12 new musics! : have fun



  • worn house : the spawn has been reversed to avoid the advantage of the bomber in the basement The basement is undergoing renovations after multiple bombs have destroyed it
  • We will introduce soon as voted the map called Abandonned Hospital first, we will keep you informed when it is updated



If you have any performance issue please read this documentation :
Bodycam Announcement
Wed, June 5, 2024


Players who updated first will have difficulty connecting, however since this update this should no longer be a problem (for the next one)

PARCHE 06/09/2024

  • Adding back Quickplay (Joining only lobbies ingame)
  • Disable kill other players in the training range
  • Maps visual bug and collision found
  • Menus errors & bad translation
  • Match time nerf : around 5min max
  • Motion Blur Option added
  • Performance Settings Updated
  • Rank detail point visible in leaderboard.



Estas son las notas del parche del 27 de junio para Bodycam.

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