Notas del parche de actualización del factor abiótico del 28 de junio

Notas del parche para la actualización The Fog From Flathill de Abiotic Factor, así como sus correcciones posteriores, en orden descendente, desde el último a más antiguo.

ACTUALIZADO 28 de junio

A Few Foggy Fixes

Salutations, colleagues!
We have released a hotfix to resolve a few issues and tweak some balance in the latest update; The Fog From Flathill!
Please update your game and servers when you get a moment away from scientific study.

Cambios en la revisión

GATE staff have made several improvements to the filters used in the Facility, which may affect the appearance of the Fog phenomenon. The Fog is still an impenetrable and disturbing substance, and we would like to remind all scientists that the Fog is indeed, foggy. Stay vigilant.
  • Fog density during Fog Weather is now slightly reduced, darkened, and there is now slightly increased visibility in the first meter (give or take.)
  • A side affect of the filtration process has caused the Fog Weather to increase its density of particulates in the air. Some tests have noted this may help with potential motion sickness some scientists experience. The team reminds you to turn down your camera shake settings in the Accessibility Options menu if you struggle with motion sickness.
  • Weather can now occur more frequently than once per week.
  • Weather is now about 10% more likely than before.
  • NOTE: There are plans to make weather frequency a tweakable Sandbox Setting and we are aware weather can be quite long for those with very long days. We will address these in a future update.
IS-0407 has changed a bit. Spoiler for those who have not yet encountered this entity.
  • While other enemies will flee when IS-0407 comes out during the fog, your pets will no longer do this. However, if you want to keep Mr. Picklebun alive, I would recommend keeping him caged up during the Fog.
  • Slightly increased damage dealt by IS-0407.
  • New roll hit sound for IS-0407.
Various other changes and fixes have been made in response to feedback and our own personal whims, and boy, do we have some whimsy.
  • Fixed VOIP microphone device dropdown not having any options. This should be the cause of several VOIP issues that have been reported.
  • Ornate Key drop rate slightly increased.
  • The new Sigil of the Hearth Trinket now has a proper icon, description, and its status effect should be obviously stated.
  • Porcelain Key drop rate slightly increased.
  • Fixed a bug that was allowing guns to be repaired with measly Duct Tape.
  • The Water Filter no longer requires researching/inventing once unlocked.
  • Abe & Janet will now give their character compendium unlocks when speaking to them later on, in case an adventurous scientist had missed them.
  • Scientists who are max level in a given skill will now properly receive any new recipes for that skill when their save is loaded, whereas previously this only triggered on a new level up. You can now have your cake and eat it too.
  • Updated icon for Peccary Sow Skull.
  • Added missing default controller keybind for Continence Minigame.
  • Added missing default controller keybind for UI Take All action.
  • Fixed Dr. Stewart's wayward wardrobe.
  • Fixed an issue where the held item would appear when using sit emote and switching items.
  • Item Stand items should no longer receive the painted texture when the itemn stand is painted.
  • Removed durability from several new items that weren't supposed to have durability.

Una pequeña nota

We'd like to wish our lead programmer, Jacob, a very happy birthday (and thanks for helping us get this out on your birthday!)
We'd also like to wish a wonderful Matariki to all, from Deep Field Games here in New Zealand. We're going to take a nice holiday (or as most normal people call it - the weekend) and continue our push towards the major summer update - Crush Depth.
Do stay safe out there in the Fog.
- The Deep Field Team

Salutations, colleagues!
We have released a hotfix to solve two issues with saving on Dedicated Servers.
Please update your game and servers when you get a moment away from scientific study.

Notas del parche de revisión v0.8.1.10202

  • Fixed an issue with autosave timer taking longer than intended when rehosting the game, which sometimes resulted in autosaves not occurring for a very long time.
  • Fixed dedicated server saves becoming corrupt if the server is saved and restarted without any players joining.
Sorry about that. This is Criss by the way, and since you came all this way, I smuggled out this teaser of the next update for you guys. Don't tell Zag.

You'll know you're on the most up to date build if the version number below matches the one at the bottom of your screen while in the main menu and in-game. If your game hasn’t automatically queued an update, verify your game files!

Notas del parche de revisión v0.8.1.10032

  • Fixed a bug where cheese (and some other items) could continue multiplying when reloading the world, like some kind of anomalous dairy demon.
  • Dr. Thule noticed some scientists are reporting seeing (many) multiples of IS-0091. He assures us he has fixed this by adjusting the XR tracker to stabilize this event. He also mentioned there is only ONE IS-0091. Well, if you don't count the other two, but even Dr. Manse doesn't know where those are, so please try not to think about them too hard.
  • Removed some lip smacks from four lines of player dialog between both voices.
  • Personal Teleporters should not function properly on older saves without having to package and re-deploy the Crafting Bench.

You'll know you're on the most up to date build if the version number below (see the hotfix in reply) matches the one at the bottom of your screen while in the main menu and in-game. If your game hasn’t automatically queued an update, verify your game files!

Notas de cambio de v0.8.1.10012

Cambios dinámicos de dificultad

In order to alleviate some challenges faced typically by solo players, we have made many adjustments to the game when only one player is present in the Facility. These are Facility-wide, so two or more players splitting up will face the same challenges as before. As always, we recommend scientists work together to succeed!
  • Enemies are now slightly more forgiving when fighting only one player. This is a fairly subtle change but creates larger space for a solo player to deal with multiple enemies, as well as stand a better chance going toe to toe.
  • This will also affect players in co-operative games when fighting enemies one-on-one.
  • Many enemy spawn locations are no longer used if there is only one scientist in the Facility. This is typically done on extraneous spawns, and not critical spawns or spawns that were previously very lucrative for farming a specific type of resource, however, as always your mileage may vary.
  • Some spawn points are also no longer used if there are only two scientists in the Facility, in places where we identified excessive challenge for duos, but these are done so sparingly.
  • Peccaries are generally less likely to spawn in places where a Peccary or Pest can spawn. (This affects all games, not just solo players.)

Recuperación de carrito

Warren has installed a button for recovering Platform Carts. This will package all of the carts items, as well as the cart itself, and deliver it to a location near the button. Use wisely!
  • This should save a lot of carts (and their supplies) sitting at the bottom of pits, for example.
  • More long-term fixes are being investigated.

Guardar sistema de respaldo

  • A save backup system has been added, creating rolling world save backups, up to 5 backups, every 30 minutes.
  • Detection is now in place for corrupt saves, or saves that have been accidentally replaced by the player when prompted to load data from Steam Cloud.
  • More specifics on what this is and what you can do to prevent world save loss can be found in the main Steam post.

Reparación y recuperación de mejoras

  • Repair Benches now gain the Item Transportation abilities of nearby Crafting Benches with an Item Transporter equipped.
  • This effect works around the Repair Bench, not the Crafting Bench, but the Crafting Bench must be close by.
  • Repairing and Salvaging can now be done in succession, meaning click once on the button, then click on all the items you want to affect. RMB will cancel the action, as will clicking on the Repair or Salvage buttons. This will make it slightly easier to accidentally salvage items, so be careful!
  • Updated icons for Repair and Salvage and added some sound effects.
  • There are still some bugs here, but mostly working in your favor, so we'll just ignore them for the time being. Enjoy the smoother repair/salvage experience! We have more on the way.

Cambios en el juego

  • Fixed an issue where tamed pets wouldn't deal full damage to enemies.
  • Armor Stands can now be damaged by hostile entities.
  • New Recipe: Bionic Legs
  • Item Stands are no longer placeable on any orientation of surface, as this was not intended. (We have a wall-mounted stuff coming a bit later and it will display things in a different orientation.)
  • Crafting Benches can now be given a custom name.
  • Personal Teleporters now show the synced Crafting Bench name, if it has one.
  • Makeshift Storage Crates are now paintable.
  • Bagwalls are now paintable.
  • Tri-Lamps, like their wall counterparts, can now be colored with paint.
  • Brown is now a properly supported paint color on more deployables than it previously was.
  • Thanks to the genius of modern science, water can now be poured directly into cooking pots on the stove.
  • Platform Carts now function with Distribution Pads, so just drive on over it to deliver your goods into nearby crates!
  • Various improvements to signage around the entrance to Anteverse 23.
  • Crafting Bench waypoints can now be seen from much further away.
  • Enemies of different factions now deal slightly higher damage to each other, so you shouldn't see infighting last quite as long as it had before.
  • Tripwire Mines are no longer stackable. Any existing stacks will remain, but new stacks will not be created.
  • Optimized Fire Spear particles.
  • Balanced some audio of certain NPCs that were a touch too loud, or a touch too quiet.
  • Splints and Bandages will now attempt to heal the most critical issue first, but can still fail under very specific conditions.
  • Updated appearance of Fertilizer tiers.
  • Added "Pick up to gain new ideas!" text to most applicable world resources as well.
  • Various localization strings have been updated.
  • Do try and stay away from the fog.

Cambios en las instalaciones

  • Improved several indications of where to go once reaching the Control Center. IS-1057 strikes again!
  • There are some reports that the Gravity Dampener has a tendency to reappear at its original location after awhile. Perhaps this anomaly can be used to the benefit of several scientists.
  • Installed a power socket in the Manufacturing West Garage Tram Station.
  • Fixed a misaligned ventilation duct.
  • Warren reminds you to not try and steal his canned peas. He's got a gun, you know.
  • Swapped the position of two Manse holograms in Containment Wing.

Cambios en el mundo del portal

  • The Rise Bio-Laboratory now has a handful of power sockets, for those who enjoy life at the top.
  • Something arcane appears to be protecting the creatures beyond the Red Chair. They will no longer flinch when struck. Best to just give up and not look for an escape.
  • Updated some signage in Flathill that was not up to our standards.
  • Optimized the clamoring citizens of Anteverse 23.

Cambios de entidad

  • Fixed various issues with certain entities being erroneously attracted (or not attracted) to the Crafting Bench when they should not (or should.)
  • To better aid with tracking and trapping of IS-0091, Dr. Thule has installed an X-Resonator. What's that? Don't worry about it, but the end result should be that IS-0091 is much more reliable in its appearance-rate and should drastically increase a bold scientist's ability to attract it when such an outcome is... desired.
  • Improved Pest Ragdolls because those little guys deserve to wiggle.
  • Some entities may now make a reactive noise when hit by a net.
  • The citizens of Anteverse 23 now have a more accurate timing on their melee attack.

Cambios de artículos

  • New Shield: Kite Shield
  • The Desk Leg has had its durability and damage increased, but as it is flimsy, it is still rather likely to take durability damage when hitting targets.
  • The Pipe Club is now sturdier and has a lower chance to take durability damage when striking targets.
  • Tripwire Mines should now properly use and store their ammunition, and save with world saves.
  • Updated light-up effects on the handheld X-Ray Lamp.
  • Some additional critical items will no longer despawn even if left unattended on the ground.

Cambios en el equilibrio de las armas

There's a whole thing in the Steam post about why we're making these changes and our philosophy behind it all, so be sure to read it!
  • Increased SMG durability from 25 to 35
  • Increased SMG damage from 25 to 30
  • Reduced SMG max bullet spread from 3 to 2.8
  • Reduced SMG recoil from 3 to 2.8
  • Increased SMG magazine size from 15 to 18
  • Decreased Security Pistol (and Flashlight variant) damage from 28 to 26
  • Decreased Pipe Pistol fire shot delay from 0.5 to 0.3 seconds
  • Weapons and ammo should drop just a bit more frequently from Order troops.
  • We asked the Order Sniper rather politely if he could give you his rifle, and he has thus far refused. He must be holding onto it for something important.

Cambios en los logros

  • Added new achievement: Engineering Success: Collect all of the Manufacturing Uniform
  • If you already have the customization, this can be gained by going to the same place you found it previously, and there's more customization to unlock when you do!

Servidores dedicados

  • Dedicated Servers now load into an initial Server Loading Level before spinning up the main Facility load. You may see this in the logs, but it's largely not going to change your experience as a server owner in any significant way.
  • Text chat messages are now shown in the server log.
  • Dedicated Servers can now set a custom AsyncTimeout value so particularly slow servers can still launch the world before timing out. More information on this can be found on the Dedicated Server Wiki.[].
  • Dedicated servers now validate and restore their world save before loading into the Facility.

Correcciones de fallos

All crash fixes are "potential" until proven resolved, especially since many crashes are quite hard to reproduce without very specific setups or configurations. We hope you find things a bit less crashy now, if you were one of the unfortunate scientists experience a crash. If you do experience a crash, please send us your crash report![]
  • Put in a fix one of the more common crashes experienced during gameplay.
  • Put in a fix for a major crash on startup (SECURE CRT crash).
  • Put in a fix for a crash that could occur when dismantling objects.

Corrección de errores

  • Fixed some water volumes that didn't properly have underwater visual effects applied.
  • Fixed a bug where time could get stuck paused if player count was read unreliably.
  • Fixed an anomaly where Power Sockets in Portal Worlds would disconnect from the devices plugged into them.
  • Fixed various subtitle typos.
  • Fixed various items with variations (e.g. paintings) not displaying their correct name.
  • Fixed a bug where the Dioxohealer would count dead plants as alive, or vice versa.
  • Fixed a bug where Tarasque Ichor could drop inside a wall when the body was cut up by scientists. It will now try and not do that so often.
  • Fixed a bug where Thorns damage from Carapace armor set could kill the user or feedback off of other Carapace-enjoyers. It was a whole thing and should no longer be a whole thing.
  • Fixed a typo on a sign about traffic height.
  • Fixed an issue where some NPCs could receive debuffs and never lose them.
  • Fixed some orientation issues with items on Item Stands.
  • Fixed an issue where particles on held items would duplicate every time they were brought out.
  • Fixed an issue where containers were generating less loot than intended.
  • Fixed missing paint color when holding a paint brush.

Estas son las notas del parche del 28 de junio para Factor Abiótico.

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