Skill of Razz Tournaments

February 14, 2018 Mildred Rogers 0 Comments

One skill that has become increasingly difficult to perfect is the skill at becoming far more consistent in poker tournaments, especially Razz poker tournaments. With regards to razz, this is because of the steady improvement of all other players as they learn new strategies whilst it is also due to the game requiring many strategies for tournaments that new players do not even know about.

A tournament format is so much different to a cash ring game, so there will obviously be a selection of different strategies too. Like Stud, the player that has to bring in can bet an amount equal to the ante or complete the bet by betting the full amount of the small bet. The strategies you might be used to in a ring game environment will not carry over into playing tournaments, so you have to be ready to adapt.

• The first change will involve changing strategies at different stages of the event, simply because the increase in blinds and ante’s will force you to become ever looser the further that you get.

• You will also have to be fully aware of all of the players at your table and learn their playing styles and ways in which to counter them.

• Your aggression levels will also need to change during the bubble period, as this is where the paying places and non-paying places are split. You will either have to become more aggressive to take advantage of the fear your opponents have or become tighter in the hope of hanging on.

• Next up, you will have to be aware of your own table image, as this is what your opponents will be seeing. You need to try and confuse them by changing your perceived play as much as possible in certain hands. This can keep you from becoming the predictable player on the table.

• Finally, you will have to stay calm and recognise that a poker tournament is more of a marathon rather than a sprint, so take your time and make your moves at the right time. If you can do this successfully there really is no reason why you cannot obtain that deep run that you are after.

So, hopefully those tips and basic strategies will get you off to a good start, however you will need to read some more advanced tactics too if you really want to become a good and competent razz tournament poker player.