Why buy a PlayStation 5 in 2024?

PS5 in 2024

Last Updated on 3 April, 2024 by MigS

Below we are going to explain the main reasons why it is worth buying a PS5 in 2024

The next Playstation, the PS6, will hit the market at some date, still unconfirmed, between 2027 and 2028. That is, if we want a Playstation we will have to decide between PS4 and Ps5 during the next 3 or 4 years.

The PlayStation 5 costs 60% more than the PlayStation 4. But below we are going to explain why we think it is worth paying the difference. And why we believe that 2024 could be a great year to do it

First of all, just as right now almost all games are for PS4 or PS5, when the PS6 arrives, it is normal that all games will be for PS5 and PS6. So if you want to be able to play new releases for longer, a PS5 is better.

If you like shooters or games that require good FPS, you will notice a difference from PS5 to PS4. It will be easier for you to achieve high and stable FPS.

On a Playstation 5 you can play all Playstation 4 games, but on a PS4 you cannot play all PS5 games. And more and more triple A games are exclusive to PS5. The games are getting better, but they also require greater performance. And that’s where you realize that your console is becoming obsolete.

If among the factors you are taking into account are old games, those from PS2 or PS3 that were no longer made for PS5, effectively PS3 games work for PS4, but not for PS5. Although with PSPlus (highly recommended), you can access the entire catalog of PS4, PS3, PS2, PSOne and PSP games.

All consoles have life cycles, and as the launch of the next console approaches, the prices of the previous ones drop. So even at the price level, 2024 may be the perfect year to buy a PS5. The normal thing would be that throughout the year we begin to see significant discounts. Especially from the moment the PS6 release date is known.

If you currently own a PlayStation 4, you’ll know better than anyone whether you’re happy or not. If you can play the games you like and if you achieve the expected performance. In that case, there is no one better than you to know whether to buy a PlayStation 5, or wait for the PS6 to come out. But if you are considering buying your first PlayStation, or you have a PS3 or earlier, we believe that the PS5 is the most interesting option right now

What we do not recommend is that you wait much longer. Since although surely the year of the launch of the PS6, the PS5 becomes considerably cheaper. It is a chore to spend money that will continue to be considerable, to acquire a console that is going to begin to become obsolete a few months after having purchased it. We like to do an exercise that consists of dividing the purchase price by the years that you think you will be able to use the console. If you do that same exercise, you will see that it is much more interesting to buy a PS5 this year 2024, than in 2 or 3 years